Zorba v3.0 (Cracked) Sound Absorption Prediction Software

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A quick tool for predicting the absorption performance of porous systems with perforated facings.

The calculation of the absorption coefficient is made in several steps that are described below:

  • Determination of the specific impedance and propagation coefficient of the porous materials.
  • Calculation of the specific impedance of the system.
  • Conversion of the specific impedance into the absorption coefficients, for normal and random incidence, and calculation of the transmission loss.

Every step of the calculation has been the object of an independent study of the scientific literature

Very careful attention has been taken during the developement of the software to answer the needs of acoustics professionals. This leads to a user friendly interface that allows a quick modelling of the absorbent system and easy access to the results, plus some additional features to import, compare and export data.

The model is built by choosing different Tabs. The first Tab allows the user to define the characteristics of the porous absorbent (thickness, flow resistivity.), and the other Tabs correspond to different types of facings.

Special Features
ZORBA offers elegant ways to export the results of the calculations. The user can generate a page of summary of the calculation and either print it or create a PDF file with it. It is also possible to copy the absorption results to the clip board to permit them to be transferred to other software (Excel, Word.).

In order to be able to compare the performance of the design and some required absorption data, it is possible to import a reference spectrum and depicit it on the graph of the absorption.

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