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Distributed Test Manager 1.5 (Cracked) Triangle MicroWorks

Distributed Test Manager 1.5 (Cracked) DTM TriangleMicroWorks Download crack, full verion and option Triangle MicroWorks Protocol Test Harness crack

Distributed Test Manager (DTM) is a Windows® application that can simulate the SCADA communications in the substation and perform automated tests to confirm system or individual device behavior.  
Triangle MicroWorks Protocol Test Harness crack

Some benefits of system simulation using DTM include:

Reduce Risk & Cost: Incorporate system level simulation earlier in the design process to discover any issues before selecting IEDs. In addition, system testing before deployment significantly reduces the cost and risk during factory acceptance testing and commissioning.
Reduce Integration Time: Discover and resolve compatibility issues prior to commissioning by simulating components of the system to validate candidate IEDs.

Software site: https://www.trianglemicroworks.com/products/testing-and-configuration-tools/dtm-pages

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