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Protocol Test Harness (Cracked) Download Triangle MicroWorks

The Test Harness cracked version download Triangle MicroWorks Protocol Test Harness crack is a powerful tool for testing DNP3, IEC 60870-5, and Modbus devices.

  • Simulate Master or Outstation devices including protocol services like polling, controls, reads, writes
  • Create simulated databases for Outstations that support multiple data types for different SCADA protocols
  • View data from real devices (IEDs, RTUs, PLCs) through periodic polling, reads, or unsolicited messages
  • Monitor protocol communications in monitor mode (listen only) for serial or TCP/IP network traffic
  • Analyze SCADA messages from Master and/or Outstations with the built-in protocol analyzer
  • Create Custom Functional Tests with any .NET programming language, Python, or Tcl/Tk scripts
  • Test a device with valid protocol messages just like a real utility SCADA network
  • Perform conformance test procedures for DNP3 or Modbus with automated test scripts
  • Test IEC 62351 security features like TLS and Secure Authentication


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