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NeuroGuide V3 Deluxe [CRACK] EEG QEEG Applied NeuroScience

NeuroGuide V3 Deluxe [CRACK] EEG QEEG Applied Neuroscience
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Features :
Import all major EEG file types for analysis
Most comprehensive EEG/qEEG analysis system available
FDA Compliant Normative Database Comparisons
EEG Feature Detection & Time Marking
EEG NeuroImaging EEG Neuro Imaging
neurobiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology
NeuroGuide™ Conventional and Quantitative EEG at the Same Time
Imports from 45 different EEG amplifier formats
EEG Auto Artifact Rejection without Phase Distortion
Conventional EEG with Amplitude Time and Event Markers
Conventional EEG with Time Domain LORETA for Epilepsy and Focal Disorders
Test Re-test Reliability > 0.95
EEG JTFA & FFT Analyses
EEG Auto & Cross-Spectral Analyses
Multiple Re-Montages with Normative Data Base Comparisons
Discriminate and Multiple Regression Functions
Bi-Spectral Analyses
Gabor Adapative Spectrogram
EEG 3-Dimensional Neuroimaging in Time and Frequency
Symptom Checklist and Neural Network Protocol Generation
EEG Surface and LORETA Z Score Neurofeedback
BrainSurf 3-D Real-time Z scores of Phase Shift and Lock Duration and Graph Metrics
Brain Function Index
Concussion Index
swLORETA using ICBM Database Navigation Tools for Network Functional and Effective Connectivity
NeuroLink for the Self-Assessment of Symptom Severity Linked to Neurofeedback Protocol Generation
Automatic QEEG Clinical Report Writer
NeuroStat with Color Topographic Maps of ANOVA & t-tests
Research Tools for Statistical Analyses of Digital Signal Processing of the EEG
Research Tools for Clinical Evaluation of the EEG
Research Tools for Optimal Performance Detection and Training

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