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Download CSI 2013 (CRACK) DICOM Cedars-Sinai Cardiac Suite

Download CSI Crack 2013 (CRACK) Cedars-Sinai Cardiac CSI Artificial Intelligence
Download Cedars-Sinai Cardiac DICOM CSI Full Version Software Crack - License Patched CSimport

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CSI allows you to transfer studies and manages the datasets on your computer. CSI 2017 (going back to version 2013) has a database architecture that provides lightning-fast searching across all your studies. Powerful tagging allows you to organize your data however you'd like without data duplication. CSI still supports pulling data from DICOM Query/Retrieve and FTP servers as well as legacy systems, allowing DICOM cameras and workstations to push data to your computer, and importing data from CDs or other removable media or from a network share. One-click anonymized mode hides patient identification so you can use the software in interactive lectures

Cedars-Sinai Cardiac Suite 2015
Version 2015 of the Cardiac Suite brings a host of new features and improvements. Here are some that you might be interested in.

Image Quality Control Tools
A new page is now available in QGS+QPS and QBS. The Quality page allows you to assess your data for acquisition issues. Sinograms, linograms, and count graphs (per projection and per interval) quickly alert you of problems such as gating errors and patient motion that may lead to incorrect image interpretation.

Smart Defect Editor
Sometimes a study appears normal by all measures, but quantitative analysis reports a small defect. You know this defect is an artifact, because you have knowledge of this patient that no program can replicate. The smart defect editor allows you to manually modify (edit, add, or remove) defect regions to match your vision. This way, you never have to report a study as normal with polar map defects or non-zero scores or TPD. You can also edit defects to better match knowledge of specific coronary territories.

Configurable Data Selector
We've made it easier than ever to select datasets according to your workflow and your preferences. Do you like to compare attenuation-corrected and non-corrected images? You can set that up to be the default. Do you perform prone acquisitions? Easy to configure. Do you have different preferences for different pages? No problem. More than ever, QGS+QPS works the way you do.

Color Palette Import / Export
We know that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to color scale selection. You can now import and export color palette files to improve consistency across platforms. We support several common color scale formats.

Our automated report generator, ARG, has received a lot of attention in preparation for the wide availability of the ASNC ImageGuide Registry. The final specification for data transfers to the registry is not yet available at the time of this writing (March 19, 2015, updated July 2, 2015), but ARG will be ready as soon as this information is finalized. In addition, ARG also got administrative reports for department managers, custom fields, and a centralized distribution server available as a Windows service for improved delivery of reports and data to other systems.

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