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Download VISUALIZER 3D (CRACK) OKM Metal Detector Treasure

Download VISUALIZER 3D v2 CRACK OKM Metal Detector Treasure Finder - Visualizer3D Crack Full Version License Activated
Download Crack VISUALIZER3D Designed visualization software for OKM metal detectors, which represents detected targets in three-dimensional graphics. Several software functions and filters are available to improve the graphical representations. Furthermore Visualizer 3D is able to determine position, size and depth of located objects.

Depth measurement
Due to this 3d software for metal detectors it is possible to determine the depth of located targets and voids. Depth measurement is precisely adjusted to the local ground conditions in your area. The depth penetration of a metal detector can change because of the local conditions of the underground. So it can vary in different soil structures and soil types such as loam, sand, rocks, mineralised soils, concrete or others. The penetrability of the ground is important for the scan results and influence the depth measurement of every metal detector or geophysical measuring system. OKM software engineers developed a unique way to determine accurately the depth of anomalies by adjusting the type of soil in the measured area.

Determination of object position and size
The Visualizer 3D software allows the prospector to enter the dimensions of his scanned area in feet or meters. So the represented 3d graphic is visible in real proportions. The cross hairs navigation through the arrow keys of your computer keyboard allows to pinpoint the exact position of a detected item in an easy and user friendly way. You will not miss any object because of digging at the wrong place.

Wireframe view
The wire frame view shows each measure point and scan line made with your metal detecting instrument. It split up your 3d scan image (your scanned area) to a grid view. So you can determine accurately the position of detected metal targets or cavities.

Automatic/Manual correction of error signals
When scanning an area it can happen that you will get some interference signals from the environment. For example when you are working in urban areas where are lots of electric machinery, high voltage lines and mobile network.

The 3d software includes a function to eliminate such error signals. It is possible to remove a particular signal or use the automatic function to reduce all fail signals.

In this way you can guarantee that all errors are removed from your graphic and concentrate yourself on the measured values of the underground.

The software offers a printout function, so you can print all your scan images on a connected printer. Different views of the graphic together with all entered project data such as file name, characteristics and field size can be printed.

Automatic measurement completion in case of missing signals
The software reproduce automatically missing signals to receive a complete 3d graphic of the underground. Some reasons for missing some signals can be for example when you power of the device before finishing your measurement or when you loose signals during the transfer of the measured data via the radio transmission unit to your pc.

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