J.Morita i-Dixel v2(CRACKED) Imaging 3D Dicom Software

J.Morita i-Dixel v2(CRACKED) JMorita iDixel Imaging 3D Dicom Software
iDixel imaging software dongle emulator copy clone cracked offers a range of features from the initial exposure to the final diagnosis allowing for a thorough examination. Software features include a drawing function in the mandibular canal, presentation for implant therapy, and volume rendering which converts three-dimensional X-rays to solid images which can be rotated, magnified, and sliced in real time.i dixel program cracked download zip rar exe crack, patch serial number, activated version, activation version, full options, unlimited pro version

i-Dixel also offers the unique ability to view both CT slice images and volume rendered images at the same time on the computer screen.i-Dixel 2.0 comes standard with all Morita 3D units. It is DICOM 3.0 compatible and can be seamlessly integrated into a network environment.

Validated third party 3D imaging software includes:
Anatomage, Dolphin, Materialise, OnDemand3D, TDO
Creation of volume renderings
Mandibular canal depiction
Implant presentation preparation
One-Data & One-Volume viewers 
DICOM 3.0 compatible

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