DesignShop V10 CRACK Melco Embroidery Digitizing Software

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Pro+ Fully-Featured Digitizing
Lettering (160+ Embroidery Fonts)
Advanced Editing
Vector Compatibility
Vector Conversion
500+ Embroidery Designs
25 New Embroidery Fonts (Includes Monograms)

DesignShop V10 Specifications
25 New PREMIUM Embroidery Fonts Expanding on our catalog of 160+ embroidery fonts, we've added a selection of popular, high-quality embroidery fonts and monograms. Purchased individually, these fonts would cost hundreds of dollars each. They are optimized to embroider beautifully on Melco embroidery machines. Each font was carefully selected based on industry demand. These are real embroidery fonts, not individual characters that require sizing, placement, kerning and spacing adjustments. In addition to standard alphabet characters in upper and lower case, these fonts contain numbers, symbols and euro characters. Click here to view these all new fonts.
EPS File Compatibility Compatible with current EPS files, backwards compatible with older EPS files.
File Support Compatible industry-standard vector, bitmap and embroidery files.
Thread Charts The latest charts from all major suppliers are built right in. New colors, and color names are now included for ease of use and improved searchability.

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